Indefatigable, driven, versatile.  

 My purpose is to create. I dare to be amongst all of those that have inspired. 
 In addition to Art & Fashion, I have devoted a great deal of time and energy into learning acting . As an Actor, I feel a new world open up where I can express myself in an even more enriching and fulfilling way. Losing myself in the moment to be able to expand and express more than a still picture. I’ve studied with the respected acting teacher Howard Fine. At Howard Fine studios I was taught ‘The Alexander’ technique, personalization, comprehension study, voice, and on camera training.
  To capture a moment is beautiful-- to have a vision, and work with a dynamic team to make ideas into reality is my passion. 
 I want to be a part of this movement of talented visionaries. I would like to work with those of whom I am able to show my range and have artistic work with. Ultimately working new art form driven by talented leaders in their craft. Building a strong team and working within the art, film, & fashion world is my goal.